Yes! You Can Worship in Your Small Group

How to bring music into your small group time.

"Wherever two or three hundred are gathered in a building in my name on Sunday morning, there I am in the midst of them." That's not quite what Jesus said. Two or three were the numbers he mentioned, and that means the glorious risen Christ is no less present in our little Monday-night group than at any other time we worship him. A those psalms that direct us to praise the Lord and give thanks to his name are there for a reason. When we humble ourselves before the Lord, we allow him to change us, to draw us deeper into fellowship with him.

Here are five tips for allowing this to happen in your small group.

The most important thing is accomplished before the group gathers: pray for the time of worship. Throughout the week, I pray for our Monday meeting, asking the Lord to enable us to exalt Jesus effectively, so that he would inhabit our praise and that Jesus would be exalted (John 3:14,15). Ask the Lord what he has in mind for the meeting, to guide you in assembling a song list, and to be clearly present in the group (Exodus 40:34).

Whether you use choruses or hymns, doesn't make much difference-either is a suitable vehicle for praising the Lord. What matters the most is the attitude of the group (another matter for prayer) and the words of the songs (are they sung to the Lord or about him?). It's much easier to focus on him when not trying to read a song sheet or hymnbook, so choose songs the group is familiar with. Try not to introduce more than one song in each meeting.

While thinking about what has been happening in your group and praying about where the Lord is leading you, begin selecting songs. It's important to know how long you intend to spend in worship: ten minutes? twenty? thirty? I have found that most worship in ...

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