What You Don't Want to Hear

Top 10 phrases a leader doesn't want to hear during a meeting.

Usually we're looking for only one (maybe two) entries for each month's Top 10 List per person. Walter L. Woods, however, sent us an entire Top 10 List for February. I thought they all were so good, I'm printing his whole list. Enjoy! :-)

10. "I knew I should have stayed in my old group!"

9. "So, this group is kind of like the Love Connection, eh?"

8. "All I ask is that someone in the group give me a call everyday."

7. "Let's talk about the OJ trial!"

6. "I can answer that question. During my one semester of Bible college, I took a whole course in that subject!"

5. "My old small group leader was the kindest, warmest, wisest woman I ever knew."

4. "I can't believe you guys don't use the King James! Don't you know that it's the only uncorrupted version of the Bible?"

3. "No one told me we were supposed to actually do the lesson!"

2. Crickets

1. "I took the advice you guys gave me last week … You'll be hearing from my attorney."

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