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Keep small group worship simple.

We would like to spend time in worship in our group, but our worship experience has mostly been on Sunday morning, led by a choir and organ. How can we transfer this to our small group?

>Worship in small groups can be a simple, elegant, and rewarding experience if you determine to keep it simple. Attempting to duplicate a Sunday-morning worship time is intimidating at least, and can be defeating if you do not set the mood and the goals for worship in your group.

Simply put, if you invite the group to worship through prayer, thanking God for the good things he has done, and for being who he is, and maybe inviting the attenders to share a favorite Scripture that points to God's attributes and character, you can achieve a wonderful time of worship in your group.

I am familiar with a church where their small groups want to make worship a high priority, and that means setting aside 10 to 15 minutes for singing, using contemporary praise and worship choruses. At first, the church tried to find musicians who could play guitar and put them in charge of leading. But then leaders decided they had it all backwards. Now they look first to identify people who "have a heart to worship." It doesn't matter if they don't know how to play guitar. They can learn. From time to time, the church holds a special guitar class for 20 to 30 potential worship leaders. They learn songs to sing and how to change chords. In fact, if they learn nine chords, they can play about 80 percent of the choruses. Each small group has a worship leader and an apprentice. The apprentice watches and follows the song leader during meetings. Later, the two meet together to talk about what they did and why.

Worship is simply giving God attention and glory through various ...

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