Community Blitzing

Create community quickly within your group.

At the beginning of a Growth Group cycle, during the acquaintance stage, there is often very little community in the group. Sometimes this is because of many newcomers to the group. But even if the group has recently multiplied, the community of the group still needs to be reestablished before other important stages in the group can occur, such as outreach. It would be great if everybody naturally got to know other members of the group, but this doesn't always happen.

Enter the idea of "Community Blitzing." The concept grows out of the experience of one college student group of 10 or so people that spent almost every weekend doing something together: going to the arcade, game nights, movies, in short, nothing really "spiritual." What resulted was a tight-knit group of people whose "togetherness" naturally flowed over into their Bible studies and spiritual retreats.

To this day, the relationships these people have were formed during that time. Even though many have gone their separate ways, there is a strong sense of friendship that was established during that time that still continues. The college students didn't think about what was happening, but the community building time "gelled" their relationships. Later that semester, less time was spent in community (because it already existed) and more time was spent doing the work of the ministry.

If we can somehow "blitz on community" for six to eight weeks (or whatever time it takes) at the beginning stages in a Growth Group, the atmosphere needed for continued spiritual growth and outreach will be set. From then on, only simple maintenance of existing relationships will need to take place and more time can be spent with non-Christians.

Here are a few ideas for community blitzing:

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