Our Psalm Of Praise

Write a psalm.

Leader: In this exercise of worship your group is going to write a psalm together.

  1. Pick a few of your favorite Psalms to read together as a group or ask several people to read their favorite Psalms.
  2. Read three or four in the first part of your worship time together.
  3. As you finish each Psalm, point out to your group the honesty of the writer. Notice that he was not afraid to whine, ask questions, and even be angry. This is important for your group members to see because you want them to be equally honest and transparent as they write their psalm.
  4. Explain to your group that they are going to have the opportunity to write a psalm together.
  5. You, as the leader, are going to write the opening sentence of your psalm at the top of a piece of paper. Here are a couple of examples:
    1. Lord, you are worthy of our praise.
    2. I will praise You, Lord, and seek Your face.
    3. Lord, I trust in You because You love me.
    4. Where are You Lord? I can't seem to hear Your voice.
  6. Then you are going to pass the paper to the person on your left or right. After they read what has been written previously, they will add a line or two to the psalm. They will pass it on to the person next to them. (Play and/or sing to worship music as the psalm is being written)
  7. This process will continue until everyone has had an opportunity to write a line or two.
  8. The Psalm is complete when it reaches the leader again. Leader read through the Psalm quietly and if you need to add a last line to bring closure then please do so. When it is complete, read the whole psalm to the group.
  9. Ask someone in your group to type up the psalm and bring copies for everyone the following week.

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