Jay Kesler on God and Us

Jay Kesler on God and Us

Learn why Jay Kesler believes in the church, our place just below the angels, and God's unchanging greatness.

Years ago, a young man approached Jay Kesler and announced a disbelief in God. Kesler responded, "Tell me what God you don't believe in. Maybe I don't believe in him, either." This three-session Bible study course will help you understand who God is—and who he isn't—and how we know him to be that way. Use this course to find who this God created us to be and the church's role in that plan.

Jay Kesler is currently serving as the preaching pastor of Upland Community Church, in Upland, Indiana. Dr. Kesler was president of Youth for Christ from 1973–1985 and president of Taylor University from 1985–2000. Dr. Kesler is also the author of nearly 30 books.

Session One

God Is Majestic
God is more powerful than we imagine and sufficient for all our needs.
Psalm 19:1–6

J.B. Phillips wrote a book titled Your God Is Too Small. His chapter titles include: "The Resident Policeman," "God-in-a-Box," "The Managing Director," "Second-Hand God," "The Projected Image." How many of these chapter titles have become orthodoxies in our beliefs about God?

Session Two

We Are Lost
Humans are unique creations because only we can choose to love God.
Psalm 8; Luke 15

The central statement of Scripture about mankind is that we have been infused by God with a nature that is not a little higher than the animals, but one that is, in this poetic terminology, a little lower than the angels.

Session Three

The Church Is Vital
Christ's church serves a unique, valuable purpose for humanity.
Matthew 16:13–18

Pluralism reaches beyond ethnic distinctions and becomes a description of our religious lives as well. Is the church relevant, or has it become an outdated, outmoded relic of the past?

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