Outreach Options

Do Your Research

Act like a missionary in your local context.

Leverage Your Passions

Choose a serving opportunity that reflects your group members' hearts.

God of This City

Go on a prayer walk in your city.

Backpacks of Mercy

Practice mercy by filling school supply kits.

Meeting Kids Halfway

Providing fun and sharing the love of Christ

Love on Video

Any easy way to use technology as a method of encouragement

Leading the Way

Encourage your group members to boldly get involved in the life of another person.

Eating with Your Hands

A new way to reach out to others through a meal

Love Your Family

Discuss different ways your group members can promote peace in their homes.

Back To School Fun-Raiser

A great way to start off the school year is showing your children's teachers support.

A Healing Touch

Here are practical ways to minister to those who are ill.

Running Away

How to personalize prayers for children who may wander.

Teen Challenge

Consider partnering with this organization to help troubled teens.

Cheering Someone On

Here are practical ways to encourage the downhearted in your group.

The Melody Of Encouragement

How to give laughter, hope, comfort and peace to those who need it.

Learning How To Lose

Some ways to help you evaluate what's important by the perspective of loss.

A Pie In The Heart

Use a pie for a tasty way to show appreciation for people in your life.

Trust and Treat

A creative way to give a single parent a well-needed break

Treasure Hunt

Go on a treasure hunt where you connect with others while working together as a team.

Gateway To Possiblilities

Use personal testimonies to share God with those around you.

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