Back To School Fun-Raiser

A great way to start off the school year is showing your children's teachers support.

Group Outreach

I have been a teacher long enough to know that the first day of school sets the precedent and tone for the whole year. It is on this first day that rules are established and upheld, the syllabus is reviewed, and every minute of the hour is used. Personally, I believe I should make eye contact with every student, smile more than I don't, laugh at least once, model a passion for life, and extend an open invitation for student questions and thoughts. If a student feels secure with the rules and valued through honest, caring communication, he or she will tend to respond positively the rest of the year.

I think the same is true of teachers. It takes a lot of energy to motivate and inspire 20 or more young children or teens. This month, before school starts, employ your small group to host a "Back-to-School Fun-Raiser" for the teachers of your member"#8217;s children. Be creative with the details of the party. Consider:

  • An ice cream sundae party
  • A fancy tea party
  • A backyard barbecue
  • A costume party
  • A beach party

Send each teacher a fun handmade invitation that reflects the theme of the party. Make sure to include any special instructions such as specific attire or items to bring.

Sometime during the party, take a few minutes to share the goals you have set as parents and supporters. These could include:

  • We will effectively communicate our needs and concerns to you throughout the school year.
  • We are willing to help with activities, trips, etc. whenever possible.
  • We will pray for you daily.

Don't forget to smile, laugh, and establish honest, open communication. The time spent getting to know the teachers personally will help inspire and encourage them, setting the tone for a great year. Extend an invitation to your small group when appropriate.

Individual Outreach

Small group leaders, encourage your group members to:

  • Pray for one school-aged child throughout the upcoming school year.
  • Help a single mom buy school supplies.
  • Put a five-dollar bill in a local business tip jar.


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