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Choose the Right Model for Your Church

Choose the Right Model for Your Church

How to sort through small-group models to find the one that fits your context.
The High Control Model

The High Control Model

Could high-structured, high-commitment groups be right for your context?
The Host Model

The Host Model

The basics of the popular small-group model made famous by Saddleback
Multiple Models in One Ministry

Multiple Models in One Ministry

Why you should consider incorporating several types of groups

Small-Group Covenants: Part 1

Why it's vitally important that your leadership group has its act together

Small-Group Covenants: Part 2

The covenant components that team-building experts agree have to be in there

Leading by Discrepancy

Painting the picture of what is and what could be

Questioning Discipleship

Why group leaders should be less information-dumpers and more question-askers.

Something Bigger!

Getting to the root of our small-group ministry calling

Microwave vs. Crock-pot

Which leadership development philosophy do you choose?

Lead Yourself Well

So that you can be a leader worth following

How Does Your Group's "Garden" Grow?

A reality check for small-group leaders

Breaking Bread Together

Why sharing meals together is a big deal

Rehabilitating Small-Group Leaders

Wounded leaders need time and care before returning to battle.

GPS Leadership

When it comes to making decisions in your small group, timing is everthing.

Great Relational Leaders

What they do and what they don’t do
Placement vs. Recruitment

Placement vs. Recruitment

Is there a right way to get people into small groups?

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