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Developing People

The most important thing you do as a leader is develop other people.

Divide, Connect and Grow

Dividing large groups into smaller ones for discussion and prayer can enliven the entire group.

Dominated by One

Though confrontation is difficult, it can be essential to small group health.

Do You Have Great Expectations?

Expecting God to work is most important piece of seeing him work.

Drawing Men Into Small Groups

Learn how to develop small groups that will be effective with men.

"Dude, I Can't Shepherd a Small Group?"

Get tips on how to lead an effective small group even if you don't think you're ready.

Dying to My "Accomplished" Self

To fulfill God's purposes sometimes we have to let go of our own.


An email small group can be a great solution for those too busy for another meeting.

Escaping the Pigeon Hole

Move your church to being a church of small groups.

Evangelism by Example

How one person learned that sharing his faith was about relationships.

Evangelism Explosion

Challenging people to host small groups can turn into an evagelistic opportunity.

Evangelism Fright

How one woman was challenged to share her faith.

Expert Advice for Small-Group Facilitators

Why obedience and a caring heart are all you really need

Facilitating Lively Discussions

Learn from these often-overlooked keys to making the most of your small-group lesson.

The Father's Heart for Others

The love a small group showed for a woman going through cancer is opening her to God's love for her.

Filling the Empty Fridge

One small group grew closer by meeting each other's needs.

Finding God in Small Groups

An interview with Tom Albin about the success of the Wesleys.

Finding Unity in Diversity

Real commitment can lead to a deep small group experience.

Forgiving the Unforgiveable

The betrayed members of a small group work to forgive the man who lied to them.

From Bargainer to Believer

A near-death experience caused Dennis to take God's leading more seriously.
Displaying 41 – 60 of 1733 11 Articles
Page:2 3 487

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