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Building Community in Children's Ministry

Small groups are an essential part of children's ministry.

Building (or Rebuilding) a Healthy small-group ministry

Seven questions that will lead to effective small groups.

"But I Wasn't Meant to Be a Mom!"

Joining a small group helped a mother embrace her new role.

The Call From The Holy Spirit

God has ways he wants to use us if we are willing to follow his leading.

Champion Your Small Group's Purpose

Make the most of 40 days of purpose.

Changing Lines Into Circles

Integrate your relationships to make them more effective.

The Childcare Checklist

Use this practical tool to determine the childcare options in your small group.

Christ Fellowship "Huddles Up" and Watches Their Small Groups Explode

How the 40 days of purpose led to an explosion of small groups at one church.

A Church Craving Community Catches Small Group Fever

The story of a church who found the first thing they needed to do with small groups was to offer them.

Coaching Life-Changing Leaders

How to be an effective small group coach.

The Coach's Course

How to effectively coach leaders for their continued effectiveness.

Committed to Community

The desire for genuine community is the strongest motivator for small group involvement, but you have to be willing to commit.

Conducting Acts Of Hospitality

How to make serving the community an effective part of your ministry.

Confessions of a small-group leader

Learn how to avoid some dangerous leadership pitfalls.

Cracking the Leadership Code

Take these steps to care for small-group leaders and keep them functioning well.

Create a Caring Church

How to create small groups that really care for each other.

Creating Team Players

Learn how to get everyone in a small group participating.

Cyber Pastors

The internet can be an important tool in the development of effectiveness in small-group ministry.

Demystifying Misunderstandings

Sometimes the most important part of clearing up misunderstandings is talking about them.

Developing Mission Communities

Develop small groups that will support each other and go together into serving the world.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 1733 11 Articles
Page:1 2 387

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