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100 Percent Community
How one church connected an entire congregation through small groups.
Three Ways To Get Small Groups Going
Learn how to lead in a way that sets your small groups up for success.
Five Essentials For Small Group Health
How to keep your groups growing vibrantly.
The Five "Ms" Every Leader Should Know
How to shepherd your flock.
Five Small Group Myths
Have realistic expectations about what small groups will be like.
7 Tips To Modeling Prayer For Your Group
How to make prayer a central part of small groups.
Adopt Your Local Teachers
How one act of kindness made a big difference.
Aim High
How to make youth ministry really work.
Alcoholics In The Church
The initiative of some church members led to amazing results.
The Art Of Group Prayer
Lead your group in praying biblically.
Asking Questions Like The Master Teacher
Use well thought out questions to make a lasting impact.
Bad Days Are Sometimes The Best Days
Small groups can be a great place for learning lessons about life.
Be A Champion To Remember
Being a champion isn't too hard, but it makes a big difference.
Beyond Prayer Requests
Groups should consider whether their requests line up with what God is doing.
Sometimes Big Things Start Small
Brett Eastman's story about the development of small groups at Saddleback church.
Breaking and Entering
True friendships take time and commitment.
Breaking Through Intellectual Barriers
A small group's love for two skeptics leads them to Christ.
Bridge to a Place Called Home
How one ministry partners with churches to put the homeless back on their feet.
Bruised Camels and Their Money
Small group helps members shape their views about how to handle money.
Build Community Through Communion
Bring depth to a small group by participating in Communion together.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 1713 Articles
Page: 1 2386

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