Love the One You're With

How to manage difficult personalities within your small group

Say No to Icebreakers

Consider switching your focus from breaking ice to making community.
Fishing for True Small-Group Leaders

Fishing for True Small-Group Leaders

Here's what it takes to reel in the kind of leader you really want.

A Community that Reflects Jesus

Consider how Jesus might have behaved as a member of your small group.

The Truth About Transformation

What it really takes to help people change their minds

Beware of Unintended Curriculum

Know the dangers involved with teaching what you never meant to teach.

The Five Stages of Coaching Relationships

Learn what to expect, and how to react, as a small-group coach.
Does Your Small Group Need a Vacation?

Does Your Small Group Need a Vacation?

How to tell if and when you need a break this summer

Seven Characteristics of House Churches

And why they are appealing to more and more believers

Cutting the Cord

Here's how to successfully "birth" a new small group from an existing one.

Money Talks DVD Curriculum

The folks at Liquid have hit a homerun with their first mock-umentary.

How Jesus Used Learning Experiences

An in-depth look at some of the Master Teacher's methods

Training Small Groups to Reach Out

An interview with small-groups author and pastor Jeff Arnold

Get Your Group Engaged!

The key to interactive discussions in your small group

Mentoring in Community

How to become a connecting ligament in your group
Seven Advantages of Sermon-Based Small Groups

Seven Advantages of Sermon-Based Small Groups

The lecture/lab model is great for both small groups and Sunday mornings.

When Is a Small Group Just Another Meeting?

And what should you do about it?

Praying and Purling

How women are turning knitting into a ministry to the needy

Spiritual Friends

Here's the gift you should really be seeking.

Encouraging "Next Steps" for Your Group Members

Setting a goal for spiritual maturity and a realistic pace for spiritual growth

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