How to Pray for Your Small Group

Here are 10 tips to increase the frequency and effectiveness of your supplications.

Thriving After a Small-Groups Campaign

Four steps to a smooth transition into "normal" group life

Understanding Conflict in Small Groups

Practical information that will help you prepare for that inevitable clash

A Case Study of Small-Group Accountability

How the Samson Society is helping men escape from the trap of sexual addiction

Getting into the Word

The basics of Bible study and discussion in small groups

Sample Form: Church-Wide Announcement for Small Groups

Adapt this sample form to announce and promote small groups in your church.

Using Parables: How to Teach Like Jesus

Take a moment to explore Jesus' favorite method of storytelling.

Community: Past, Present, and Future

What the Society page reveals about our need for each other

Selling Ancient Disciplines to Moderns

Here are five tips to help re-educate your church and group members.
Spiritual Disciplines for Church Leaders

Spiritual Disciplines for Church Leaders

It’s important to nurture spiritual disciplines unconnected to ministry.

Worship in Small Groups

Why it's vital that your group maintain an upward connection with the Almighty

Can Small Groups Break Up Well?

What should church leaders do when a group is on the decline, but no one is willing to pull the plug?

How to Host a Small-Group Meeting

Practical advice for group members willing to share their homes

Assessing the Health of a Small-Groups Ministry

Ask these questions to get a grasp of the vitality of your congregation's group life.
Coping with People Who Beef, Bite, and Bellyache

Coping with People Who Beef, Bite, and Bellyache

How to handle difficult relationships in your small group

The Paradox of Community

Why church members often run from community despite their attraction to it

Jesus as a Small-Group Leader (pt. 2)

How Christ used community to change the world

Small Groups and the Mission of God

Alan Hirsch talks about the untapped potential of individuals and small-group communities.

Hearing Aids for Small-Group Leaders

Why listening is such a valuable tool for those of us in charge

Jesus as a Small-Group Leader (pt. 1)

An exploration of Christ's use of community as a means to change the world

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