The Nicene and Apostles' Creeds

A closer look at these two creeds helps define what Christians believe.

Benchmarks: Training Group Leaders

Check out these statistics to get your finger on the pulse of small-groups ministry.

The Odd Bunch

How to include a small group that doesn't naturally fit with the rest of your church.

Discipleship: The New Evangelism

Are these two important elements of the church trending together?

How to Pray for Another Group Member

Practical advice for a sometimes sensitive subject

What's Your Story?

The importance of hearing the life journey of your group members

Stepping Down

The "why" and "how" of removing yourself from small-group leadership

Facing Shame Issues in a Small Group

Why some group members don't want to open up, and how to help

How Does a Small Group Help Us Change?

Exploring how people conform to the image of Christ in community

You Struggle with That!?

Responding to a group member who confesses a secret sin

Finding True Fellowship

Biblical fellowship between believers should break the surface.

Cheat Sheet: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Understanding the work and gifts of the Counselor
How to Start a House Church

How to Start a House Church

Five ideas to keep in mind when you're planting something new

Pay Attention to Details

Why the little things make a big difference in your group experience.

Learning Styles and Lesson Preparation

Understanding how people learn gives you a better shot at teaching them.

Small-Group Members or Political Prisoners?

Why we need to err on the side of love, not politics
Why Some Women Resist Community

Why Some Women Resist Community

And how to help them connect.

A Theology of Small-Group Worship

Spiritual formation for individuals, small groups, and the church.

Organic Small Groups

Advice on creating a place where people naturally connect.

More Than Just a Bible Study

Allow God's Word to transform lives as you study together.

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