The Nicene and Apostles' Creeds

A closer look at these two creeds helps define what Christians believe.

Benchmarks: Training Group Leaders

Check out these statistics to get your finger on the pulse of small-groups ministry.

The Odd Bunch

How to include a small group that doesn't naturally fit with the rest of your church.

Discipleship: The New Evangelism

Are these two important elements of the church trending together?

How to Pray for Another Group Member

Practical advice for a sometimes sensitive subject

What's Your Story?

The importance of hearing the life journey of your group members

Stepping Down

The "why" and "how" of removing yourself from small-group leadership

Facing Shame Issues in a Small Group

Why some group members don't want to open up, and how to help

How Does a Small Group Help Us Change?

Exploring how people conform to the image of Christ in community

You Struggle with That!?

Responding to a group member who confesses a secret sin

Finding True Fellowship

Biblical fellowship between believers should break the surface.

Cheat Sheet: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Understanding the work and gifts of the Counselor
How to Start a House Church

How to Start a House Church

Five ideas to keep in mind when you're planting something new

Pay Attention to Details

Why the little things make a big difference in your group experience.

Learning Styles and Lesson Preparation

Understanding how people learn gives you a better shot at teaching them.

Small-Group Members or Political Prisoners?

Why we need to err on the side of love, not politics

Why Some Women Resist Community

And how to help them connect

A Theology of Small-Group Worship

Spiritual formation for individuals, small groups, and the church.

Organic Small Groups

Advice on creating a place where people naturally connect.

More Than Just a Bible Study

Allow God's Word to transform lives as you study together.

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