Pay Attention to Details

Why the little things make a big difference in your group experience.

I once heard a professor share some wise counsel with a group of preachers: "On Sunday morning, before you ascend to the holy pulpit to preach God's inerrant Word before a waiting, hungry congregation, take a moment to make sure that your pants' zipper isn't down." He knew the main point would be missed if the details were left undone.

Details matter. They matter to God, and they matter to your people. So here are some areas to keep an eye on as you prepare for your cell-group meeting.

Home Atmosphere

We get accustomed to the smells in our homes, but visitors sense them immediately. Pets, things children spill in odd places, heavy perfumes, the evening dinner, and even room deodorizers can irritate noses. You know all about your home. You like its smell. But others might not be so enthusiastic. Think about their noses.

If you have young kids, be sure to dispose of the dirty diapers before the meeting starts or take the hamper of laundry to the washing room. God wants us to be one in Christ, but don't purposely test the oneness of your cell members by allowing strange smells to flood the room. Also, make sure to clean the guest bathroom before the cell group begins. Is there toilet paper, soap, a towel?


The temperature in the home increases as more people are packed into a room. Members can become agitated and uncomfortable for the lack of fresh, cool air. If your people must wear heavy coats in your house, although you're in the heat of summer, you probably need to adjust the temperature. The main thing is that you're sensitive to the needs of those in the room. One expert advised that 67 degrees is an ideal temperature for home groups. Common sense is probably a better temperature ...

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