Thriving After a Small-Groups Campaign

Four steps to a smooth transition into "normal" group life

Note: This article has been excerpted from the training tool called Small-Group Assimilation Strategies.

Successfully transitioning out of a small-groups campaign is as challenging as launching one. Churches that wait until the campaign is over in order to plan the next step will lose momentum and spend valuable leadership equity. Instead, use these four keys to create a smooth transition from campaign to "normal" group life.Â

1. Conduct a Thorough Debriefing Halfway Through

If you have a campaign that runs six weeks, you need to interact with those leaders at the three-to-four-week mark. Depending on the size or your ministry and whether you have coaches in place, this debriefing can be done in a leaders' huddle or over coffee. Either way, it's important to give leaders a chance to share what God is doing in their groups. Many churches promise that God will do remarkable things in the lives of our people if potential leaders get on board. But how often do we give them a chance to talk about those remarkable things?

A mid-term debrief also allows for problem solving. Some people will be confused by the material and how it fits together, and some will wonder what to do with the challenging people in their new groups. This is the time to talk about what comes next. If the group is new, the mid-term meeting is the time to introduce options for the group and to begin the new leader affirmation process.

2. Affirm New Groups and Leaders

One of the greatest assets of a small-group campaign is that people can test drive a small group. In a non-threatening way, people who have never been in a group get a taste of community. For that reason, it's important to acknowledge the shift from the campaign ...

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