Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer in Small Groups

Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer in Small Groups

Understand the practice of lectio divina and how to incorporate it into your small group.
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Are there any last tips you like to offer to small group leaders who are considering using contemplative prayer and lectio divina in their groups?

I'm wary that this would become a technique to make God show up. Contemplative prayer is about being present—making myself present for God to come. But it's not believing that just because I've showed up, I've man-handled God and he has to do certain things. It's an offering of myself.

And unless small group leaders are very comfortable with that—comfortable with waiting, comfortable with being in God's presence in their own life—I think it would be very hard to lead people where you want them to go. The members of your group need to be able to trust your journey as the leader.


1. Are specific fears or areas of apprehension keeping you from using lectio divina or contemplative prayer in your small group?

2. Have you experienced an intimate connection with God during your individual study or prayer? Could that be transferred to your small group?

3. Are you able to discern the still, small voice of God when he speaks to you? How could you improve that discernment?

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Go Deeper with God: The ancient practices of lectio divina and contemplative prayer have helped Christians connect with God on a deeper level for centuries. This training download will help you incorporate them into your small group.

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