10 Ways to Be a Better Listener

Follow these steps for greater understanding, attention, and empathy.

Assess the Health of Your Small-Group Ministry

Be aware of these seven warning signs for small-group ministry.

Guidelines for Group Prayer

Practical principles for an ongoing, transformational walk with God.

The Next Generation of DVD Curriculum

Why film-based curriculum should be the next big thing.

Divorce—How Can We Minister Without Meddling?

A practical look at the boundaries of fellowship groups.

The Small-Group Leader as Spiritual Guide

A step-by-step approach to guiding your group toward spiritual maturity

Hearing and Obeying God's Word

Understanding the difference is vital to life-changing transformation.

Expert Advice for Small-Group Facilitators

Why obedience and a caring heart are all you really need

Prayer Snares

Common habits and practices that can dull our conversations with God

How to Rebuke with Compassion

You'll probably need to use these tips sooner than you'd like.

Listening Repaired

Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs that can help you listen well

Good Questions Show Good Listening

Learn to understand people and help them understand themselves.

Leadership Issues in the Small Group

A working definition of Christian leadership.

Engaging God from the Heart

Finding personal transformation in adversity

The 5 H’s of a Small-Group Leader’s Journey

The journey of leadership starts long before you get the official title.

When a Small-Group Leader is Running on Empty

Are empty tanks always meant to be filled?

Small Groups Sometimes Skip the Agenda

Small-group agendas don't change people's lives. Christ does.

Are You Listening?

Develop the skill of active listening

Listening Leaders

An oxymoron, or an outpouring of love?

Preparing to Listen

There are some helpful ways to train your leaders the art of listening.

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