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Supernatural, Synergistic, Systems-Thinking Group-Life!
A group expresses itself holistically and organically when it does what the Lord has designed it to do.
Holistic Small Groups
What is a holistic small group?
Holistic Small Group Ministries: Goodbye to Ho-Hum
Healthy churches have very definite ideas about why they do what they do and what they are trying to communicate and accomplish.
Holistic Small Groups are not Perfect Groups
Small groups are places where broken people are in the process of becoming whole.
Make Your Group a Winning Team!
By viewing the church as a living organism, you can impact the world for Christ.
The Challenge of Challenging People
Small groups with severely wounded people can be a great success if you stick to some trusted principles.
The Place of Reflection in Soul Care
Reflection is an important practice in the life of a small group.
Questions from the Pastor
Top 10 questions you hope your senior pastor doesn’t ask.
Leading the Super Mixed Group
A few guidelines for leading a group of extremely diverse people.
One Anothers vs. Curriculum
Develop an agenda strategy that takes one-anothers into consideration.
Cultivating A Caring Atmosphere In Your Group
A critical factor in establishing a motivational small group climate is caring.
Cultivate a Disciple-Making Environment
You can create the right environment for a healthy group.
Learn to Shepherd Your Small Group
Move from being a small-group leader to truly caring for your people.
Accountability in Small Groups
Learn about accountability from the early Methodists.
It's Not Oprah's Book Club
Reading groups encourage unity and lead to some deep discussion.
Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer in Small Groups
Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer in Small Groups
Understand the practice of lectio divina and how to incorporate it into your small group.
Snack Ideas
Top 10 signs that your group food coordinator is running out of snack ideas.
The Test of a Small Group's Commitment
People are watching to see if our words mean anything.
The Life We Share
An A-Z guide for what believers share.
Sharing Our Lives In Difficult Times
How does the church survive trauma?
Displaying 41 – 60 of 88 Matches
Page:2 3 45

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