How to “Funnel” People into Your Group

How to move people from large group settings into small groups.

Reach Out and Touch People…Right Where They Live

I was just looking to care for an ailing member, but God opened the door to something much bigger.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

A Discussion with a Neighborhood Group Leader

Reconnecting the Connected

How one church built groups from natural affinity groups.

Winning In Life Together

Living life in relationship with others is God's pathway for living a life of purpose.

When a Leader in Conflict Asks a Coach for Help

As a coach, there are several questions you need to ask yourself when helping a leader through conflict.

Dealing with Conflict

In complex issues, if you know your own preferred reaction to conflict, it can help you choose the right course.

Two Keys To Resolving Conflict

Acknowledging conflict, and turning the focus to Christ, can sometimes quell a rising storm.

Conflict - Which Approach Do You Take?

There are several different approaches to conflict; which one you choose depends on the situation.

When Life Happens … Prepare to Fight!

Even spiritual people can be in conflict with each other.

Prayer for Purpose

One church learned that prayer is the essential ingredient for small group success.

Shaping Shepherds and Sheep

Six steps to mentor your leaders and their groups.

Cracking the Leadership Code

Take these steps to care for small-group leaders and keep them functioning well.

What Small-Group Leaders Need

How to give the support, training, and encouragement that will help a Small-Group Leader succeed.

Making Small-Group Leaders Part of the Team

We must be finding and building Small-Group Leaders constantly.

The Small-Group Leader Needs…Peers in Service

Small-Group Leaders need love more than anything else.

Leadership Support – Keeping it Simple

If our churches are going to be healthy, then we have got to have healthy leaders.


Build leader support events from the bottom up, rather than the top down.

To Coach with Love

One Small-Group Leader shares her needs with her coach.

Transformation Takes Time

Follow these steps to lead people down the path of continued spiritual growth.

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