Multiplying Your Small Group Multiplication Efforts

Be intentional about birthing new groups.

Birthing with a Kingdom Vision

You can make birthing a new group easier by fostering a Kingdom vision within your group.

Don’t Give Up

Even if the situation is rough, if multiplication is a goal, patience will pay off.

Preparing For A Smooth Delivery!

Preparation is necessary if your group is going to multiply.

Is "Birthing" the Only Way?

While "birthing" is a popular multiplication model, some situations call for an alternative.

Worst Meeting Places

Top 10 worst places for your small group to meet.

Give The Meeting A Break And Let Group Life Begin

Sometimes it's essential to take a break in order to practice what you're learning.

Group Breaks

Does every small group need a planned vacation?

Your Group May Need A Vacation When . . .

Sometimes a vacation is the perfect solution to a small-group problem.


Top 10 signs that your group drinks WAY too much coffee.

A Joy-Filled Small Group

The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Small Group Adventures

Some ideas to bring fun, adventure, and community to your small group.

Growing Fun

Fostering fun within a group is a little like growing a plant.

Group Evaluation and Celebration

Plan to conclude your year with your group in a positive way.

Recruitment Strategies

Top 10 recruitment strategies not condoned by your church.

Worship and Small Groups

Worship is the heart and soul of small groups.

Put Prayer into Prayer Time

Ways to spend more time praying and less time giving requests.

Focusing Our Group Attitude

Some nuts-and-bolts ideas that will help your group get organized and focused.

Too Small

Top 10 signs that your group is getting too small.

Discovering Spiritual Gifts in the Small Group Setting

Small group members can provide valuable insight when assessing an individual's spiritual gifts.

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