Small Group Adventures

Some ideas to bring fun, adventure, and community to your small group.

It's been a long year. You've led your group with passion, but now what was once a burning flame of excitement is barely a smoldering ember. If your group is anything like mine it is made up of all kinds of people, who carry all kinds of burdens. Someone in your group may be living through a financial nightmare. Someone in your group could be failing at their job. Someone in your group is possibly struggling with a rebellious teenager, straining against the bondage of alcoholism, looking for love in all the wrong places.

It's been a long year as you have led these people, prayed for these people, listened to these people. And, now you're needing to change the pace and approach of your group just a little for the summer. Small groups are always about relationships, our relationship to God and our relationship with one another. When summer hits the objective is the same; we simply need to take a "fun in the sun" tactic to our ministry. So, what builds strong, meaningful relationships? When I think of the people with whom I have developed intimate, trusting, cohesive relationships there are certain common denominators. A close intimate group:

1. Laughs together. Laughter is the healer of many hurts and is the glue that holds a group together through the tough issues of life. So plan activities that are fun!

2. Goes on adventures together. Think back to a family camping trip where the mosquitoes were bigger than humming birds, it rained the whole 3 days and the car broke down going home. Those are the times we cherish and hold dear for years to come. So plan an adventure together!

3. Works together. Conspire to change your community through kindness. Serve your church or community and witness intimacy increase among your group members. ...

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