Shepherding Broken People

When your group shares their deepest hurts, how do you respond?

Here There Be Dragons

How do we offer healing rather than mere recovery?

Community with a Purpose

God gave us the gift of community to meet our needs.

The Challenge Of Challenging People

What works, and what doesn't, when leading a group of challenging people.

Small Group Support and Recovery – A Case Study of Judas vs. Peter

Having the support you need can make a world of difference.

The Homework for Today Is…

What if the Creator of the world gave you a homework assignment?

Classroom or Community?

Whether or not to do homework assignments depends on the mission, purpose, and values of the group.

Service Homework

Assign outreach as your next small group homework.

Handing Out Spoons

Do your group a favor: assign homework and teach them to feed themselves.

Homework? Watch Your Language, Buster!

I suggest we replace "homework" with a term more reflective of what it accomplishes in the Christian life.

The Leadership Development Process

A chart that shows the development process of Small-Group Leaders

Transforming Families by Transforming Fathers

The Dads of Destiny Small Group Program is positively impacting families.

Your Family – A Small Group Worth Developing

The same biblical principle underlies both small group and family.

Just The Two Of Us

Why my husband and I started our own small group.

Making the Family a Priority in Small Groups

Family care is at the center of what we're trying to achieve in small groups.

Multiplying Your Small Group Multiplication Efforts

Be intentional about birthing new groups.

Birthing with a Kingdom Vision

You can make birthing a new group easier by fostering a Kingdom vision within your group.

Don’t Give Up

Even if the situation is rough, if multiplication is a goal, patience will pay off.

Preparing For A Smooth Delivery!

Preparation is necessary if your group is going to multiply.

Is "Birthing" the Only Way?

While "birthing" is a popular multiplication model, some situations call for an alternative.

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