Discovering Spiritual Gifts in the Small Group Setting

Small group members can provide valuable insight when assessing an individual's spiritual gifts.

Small group gatherings highlight multiple aspects of the spiritual community, and none more so than the unique gifts given by God to individual people for specialized roles and responsibilities. Spiritual gifts are more deeply discovered, enjoyed, and shared in the environment of close relationships — perfect for the small group.

Rare is the gathering of people who share the exact same mix of gifts, and this by God's design. He intends for us to be serving and supporting each other through spiritual gifts, as seen in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 - parts of the body, each doing as intended, with the entire group benefiting and God being honored.

While many have explored the use of spiritual gifts in the small group setting, I'd like to focus this article on the benefit of the discovery process within the small group relationships.

Spiritual gifts are taught and assessed usually in a classroom or seminar situation, and this has seen great success. Thanks to many developers of quality biblical materials and assessments - people such as Bruce Bugby or C. Peter Wagner — good teaching and tools for this process of discovery with spiritual gifts is readily available.

Yet I've seen and benefited from the experience of a small group interaction in this process.

In the Small Group: I first experienced this when asked to teach on spiritual gifts and the process of discovery in a women's small group study. Once we all got past my presence in an entirely feminine setting, we starting working on the business of learning and working through the assessments.

We included in this experience a comprehensive gift assessment similar to that developed in "Network" and other materials, and used a modified or "lite" version of the Myers-Briggs ...

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