Growing Fun

Fostering fun within a group is a little like growing a plant.

What do baseball games, barbecues, circuses, proms, and the neighbor's house with the swimming pool, all have in common? People go to them for one reason - Fun! People will go out of their way to have fun. They'll travel further, pay more, and stay up later to have, what they consider, fun.

But, here's the real question: how many of those same people would go to the same effort for the same activities if they had to do them alone? I'll bet few to none. Despite the fact that there are thousands of other people at baseball games, I would never go to one without the company of friends. Even if a former star player made a comeback, I'd be hard pressed to take off by myself to see him play.

No, what makes any activity fun is participating in it with a group of friends. Although, a specific intentional activity makes some difference also. So we see that there are two parts to creating fun: friends and intentional activity. Fortunately, most of our small groups also have these elements, and thus, the potential for having fun. As Christians, we ought to be having more fun than anyone in the world. Not every small group meeting has to be a laugh a minute, but fun ought to be a core value of our group's existence. Assuming we're all in agreement at this point, how do we take these two ingredients - friends and intentional activity and turn them into fun?

That's a little like asking how do you take sunlight and water and make a plant grow? You don't! You put the plant in the right environment with the right combination of sunlight and water, and it either grows or it doesn't. Same goes for having fun in our small groups. We can create the right environment for fun with the right combination of friends and activity, but we can't make ...

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