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Needs and Passions
Group members share about the causes that move them.
Memorable Gifts
A twist on the usual question about gift-giving
Exciting Events
Share about a favorite experience.
Favorite Team
When do you work with others?
Work History
Group members share their more interesting past jobs.
Famous Mentor
Who would you spend a day with?
New Life
Easter reminds us that God offers us new life.
Talking About Race
When discussing race feels overwhelming, start by reflecting on your experiences and sharing your story.
Gifts That Don't Fit
Sometimes our help isn't all that helpful.
Not-Quite-Right Gifts
When have you received an "off" gift?
Teaching on Tithing
What have you learned about giving?
Experiencing God Through Others
Discuss how you've been blessed.
Cell Phone Distractions
How do our phones distract us?
Map Your Journey
Share your spiritual history.
Life Mentors
Who has shaped you?
Images of God
Share how your view of God has changed over time.
In Love with God
What does it look like to fall in love?
Love Songs
Compare cultural messages about love with God's messages.
What God Says When He Looks at You
An icebreaker or study tie up on God's love
Married or Single
Exploring unique perspectives on God
Displaying 1 – 20 of 290 Matches
Page: 1 2315