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More than 50,000 small-group leaders and pastors trust to provide high-quality, relevant, and multi-model resources that will make their groups more effective by supporting, training, equipping, and inspiring them.

You'll find hundreds of free articles on the site, helping you and other small-group leaders stay informed on topics that affect small-group ministries. These articles are written by people like you—leaders who have found help or inspiration and want to share it with others. also features some of the most influential and respected church leaders today, such as Les Parrott and Larry Crabb (see all Editorial Advisors), as well as the trusted editors of Leadership Journal.

Our downloadable, easy-to-use Training Tools provide everything you need to prepare a relevant training session in a matter of minutes. You can pass these out to your group leaders, or use them for your own development. Each resource is designed with small-group ministry in mind. You select the topical tool that fits what you want to accomplish, download it, make copies if needed, and lead a discussion with your team. Many authors contribute to each tool.

Hundreds of downloadable and customizable Bible Studies are also available, each one put together by experts from across the country. To find a study that best matches your group, search by a specific topic, group format or audience, or Scripture passage. By joining, you'll have full access to all of our Training Tools and Bible Studies.

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