We Will Not Fear

Read Scriptures and a responsive reading about fear.

Leader: Begin your worship time by having several people read some of the wonderful passages of Scripture that comfort and assure. Several passages that you could use:

Psalm 23, Psalm 91, Romans 8:31-39, I John 4:16-18

After reading these passages have your whole group read responsively We Will Not Fear.

Leader: Oh Lord God you have called us from all over this country, to this city, to this year, to this home, and to these friends.

Group: We are friends, we are disciples, we are your servants.

Leader: You have called us chosen and beloved. You have given us the great gift of new life by the sacrifice of your son.

Group: How could we not love you Lord?

Leader: We do love you Lord. But there are times we feel overwhelmed, we feel anxiety build in our hearts, and we are terrified of walking alone.

Group: You have promised that You will always be near.

Leader: You walk with us … teaching, loving, assuring us of Your presence.

Group: You walk before us …

Leader: leading us in Your way

Group: You walk behind us …

Leader: protecting us. We trust you. We trust that You will strengthen us and help us and hold us up with Your righteous right hand.

Group: Anything or anyone who chooses to war against our spirits will have to fight You first.

Leader: No one is too big for You!

Group: We are safe in your hands.

Leader: You are the God of the universe, mighty and powerful, wise and compassionate. You are everywhere and in every moment.

Group: And we trust You.

Leader: Our fear is swept away in Your glory.

Group: Our fear is bound in Your strength.

Leader: Perfect love casts out fear.

All: Our fears disappear in the wonder of Your love.

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