Set an Example

Leaders are examples to others whether they know it or not.

"Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put into practice." Philippians 4:9

As leaders in the church, our lives are constantly being watched. Knowing our inadequacies, this can be quite intimidating. Yet this was the leadership example of Jesus and of a follower named Paul from the New Testament. Here in this passage Paul boldly invited those following him to copy his life. Perhaps we fear that we could never measure up to the character and spiritual walk of Paul. Yet, modeling our life for others is the responsibility of a leader whether it is at home, small group or our work environment. Lead your group in this brief Bible Study and model these life principles with your life.

Life Principles

1. Know that you are being modeled. - "Whatever you have learned … "

Learned = to catch the whole essence.

  • You are modeling what it means to be a Christ Follower.
  • You are modeling what it means to be Leader.

Who is modeling you? _____________________

2. Know that you are being caught. - "Whatever you have … received … "

  • The greatest asset in ministry is you.
  • Your greatest liability in ministry is you.
  • When it comes to teaching, more is caught than is taught.
  • Who you are will be reproduced in your ministry.

This is why we must value:

  • Godliness over giftedness and
  • Character over charisma

Who is catching you? ______________________

3. Know that you are being heard. - "Whatever you have … heard from me … "

You are being heard …

  • As you teach your group.
  • As you socialize with your group.
  • As you interact with your family.
  • As you pray.

Who is hearing you? ________________________

4. Know that you are being watched. - "Whatever you have … seen in me … "

Things they are watching:

  • How you love.
  • How you care.
  • How you live.

Who is watching you? _______________________

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