Multiply a GroupMultiply a Group
What Can I Expect from Small Groups?
What Can I Expect from Small Groups?
Walk into your new group with realistic expectations.
Celebrate the End
Celebrate the End
Activities to bring closure and build excitement for the future
The First Meeting
The First Meeting
How to start strong
Birthing Groups Well
Birthing Groups Well
Learn how to birth in a healthy, caring way.
An Exciting Opportunity
An Exciting Opportunity
Communicate clearly about birthing to your group
Running on Empty
Running on Empty
What to do when your group has hit a plateau
Start Your New Small-Group
Start Your New Small-Group
Everything new leaders need to start strong
Resource Review: "The Naked Truth About Small Group Ministry"
Randall Neighbour's book is both provocative and practical.
Successfully Launching a Small Group
Here are four things you can do to make sure you new group takes flight.
People Are Not Projects
How to keep a Kingdom focus when your people move on
How to Give Away Your Small Group
A new strategy for trauma-free multiplication
The Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders
Why we need to be farmers, not recruiters
Small Groups Snapshot: Restore Community Church
When a passion for small groups and discipleship meets a new church plant
Small-Group Advertising
All those looking for a small group, please raise your hands!
Casting a Vision for Group Multiplication
Practical advice for shifting the culture and focus of your ministry
Five Keys to Sustaining New Small Groups
You've got a lot of new groups. Now what?
Why Listening Makes a Difference
Going beyond the act of hearing can bring a load of blessings to your group.
Recruitment Slogans
Top 10 slogans for your small group recruitment campaign.
Multiplying Values
Great Commission leaders must be influencing those "allotted to your charge" to become multiplying leaders who will at the same time develop a multiplying strategy to reach the world for Christ.
Cell Biology for the Church
Why small groups don't multiply
Multiply Your Options
Emphasize discipleship of individuals over multiplication of groups.
Branching over Birthing: The Alternative to Splitting Up a Good Thing
For group birthing to work, it needs to be natural instead of prescribed.
The Tug-of-War between Community and Evangelism
Your group doesn't have to choose between community and evangelism—you just have to be intentional about maintaining both.
Balancing Mission and Comfort—An Olympic Feat
The balance between outreach and in-reach in your small group is a delicate one to maintain.
Tap on the Shoulder
One man's simple question produces a legacy of life change.
100 Percent Community
How one church connected an entire congregation through small groups.
The "Joys" of Multiplication
Multiplying small groups can be difficult, but the rewards are worth it.
Ending the fight over group size
Is Your Small Group The Front Door or the Back Door to the Church
Small groups are an effective, comfortable way to introduce nonbelievers to God.
What Happens Best in Same Gender Groups
When our group divided by gender, we were able to delve deeper into the Word—and into each other's lives.
New Math
Learn multiplication then addition, and then you can avoid division and subtraction.
You Can't Have Babies if You Don't Get Pregnant
Why mentoring is a prerequisite to multiplication.
Advice from Grandma
Small group coaches can give advice on the process of birthing groups, much like family members do with an expecting couple.
Three Ways to Birth a New Small Group
Multiplication, launching, and planting are all methods of starting new groups.
The Coach's Role in Breaking Growth Barriers
Multiplication can be a barrier to overcome, but there are steps that will help you break through.
The "Us Four and No More!" Syndrome
Can your group remain closed indefinitely?
Open Or Closed? What Really Matters
We ensure that each member is discipled and equipped so that they can one day lead their own small group.
Compel or Expel?
The objective of meeting the needs of individuals will determine whether your group should be open or closed.
We Aren't Big, We're Just Right!
Top 10 excuses for a small group never birthing.
Downsizing can be a scary word—but it's sometimes good to break large groups into smaller groups.
Creative Evangelism
Inspire your congregation to focus on individual evangelism opportunities in creative ways.
The O-Group Strategy
Don't ask people to come to your small group—take your small group to the people.
Multiplying Your Small Group Multiplication Efforts
Be intentional about birthing new groups.
Birthing with a Kingdom Vision
You can make birthing a new group easier by fostering a Kingdom vision within your group.
Don’t Give Up
Even if the situation is rough, if multiplication is a goal, patience will pay off.
Preparing For A Smooth Delivery!
Preparation is necessary if your group is going to multiply.
Is "Birthing" the Only Way?
While "birthing" is a popular multiplication model, some situations call for an alternative.
Going to Seed
The life-cycle of a group means it will eventually go to seed, which can be a great ministry opportunity.
Fishing Together
A dynamic approach to reaching unbelievers through your small group.
Birthing Groups
Top 10 lame reasons for not multiplying (birthing) the group.
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Ask these questions about your group to determine if it may be time to split-up, bring in new people, or focus on a new purpose.
How You Can Multiply your Small Group
Birthing a new small group can be exciting; it can also be painful.
The Law of Multiplication
Programs do not make disciples; disciples make disciples.
Too Many People
When a group grows too large for all of the members to talk, what should the leader do?
Building Groups or Making Disciples? Part 1
Models for intentional discipleship in a small groups church, focusing on closed discipleship groups.
No matter how chaotic things may seem at the time, multiplication is all for the greater good of the kingdom of God.

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