Birthing Groups Well

Birthing Groups Well

Learn how to birth in a healthy, caring way.

Whether or not you've experienced it, new groups can be birthed in a healthy, caring way. This resource is specifically for group leaders who want to know how to birth new groups in a healthy way, but small-group coaches and directors can learn a lot, too. Discover how to focus on leadership development, identify and train apprentices, prepare for a smooth transition, and lead the first meeting of a newly birthed group.

For an excerpt from this resource, see An Exciting Opportunity.

Leader's Guide

Set the Stage

Create a Culture for Multiplication
Small-group leaders must understand their call to develop leaders.
By Maegan Stout

An Exciting Opportunity
Communicate clearly about birthing to your group
By Amy Jackson

How to Find Your Next Apprentice
It doesn't have to be a difficult experience if you remember Who is in charge.
By Sam O'Neal

The Nuts and Bolts of Apprenticing
How to identify and train apprentices
By Eric Metcalf

Birth a New Group

Cutting the Cord
How to successfully birth a new small group from an existing one
By Eric Metcalf

How to Prepare for a Smooth Delivery
Follow these steps to overcome several obstacles in the birthing process.
By Mark Ingmire

Ministering to Emotional Needs While Birthing
Birth in a healthy way so group members feel cared for.
By Maegan Stout

The Beginning of Something Beautiful
Tips for the first meeting of a birthed group
By Beatrice Rusu


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