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5 Steps to Get to Know Your Group Members
The elements of story can help you uncover important details about the people in your group.
11 Resources to Help Your Group Understand True Unity
Stories and tips for coming together in diversity
Through Thick and Thin
A small group steps in to serve a family in their darkest hour.
Fostering the Parent
How a small group cared for a foster mom in the everyday trials of life
5 Summer Strategies for Small Groups
Preserve group strength and cohesion during the summer.
Plan Your Small Group Summer Missions
Make an impact that lasts for more than just a summer.
Develop Your Team in Four Ways
Thriving teams learn, play, meet, and grow together.
Build Your Team
Identify the key roles your small-group ministry team needs.
Promoting Partnership and Teamwork in Small-Group Ministry
The importance of sharing as a leadership trait.
8 Leadership Books You Can Use
Top recommendations to use on your own or with a team
Us Is the New Me
Experiencing personal growth collectively.
Listen with the Heart
Grow your relationships with non-believers by listening with empathy.
How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups
And the shift in leader training that makes all the difference.
Small Group Drudgery
Practical solutions for meetings that fall flat
3 Small Group Ideas for Halloween
Don't miss the opportunity to build relationships and serve your community.
How to Increase Regular Commitment to Small Groups
4 principles we can learn from the early church
5 Ways to Motivate People to Join Small Groups
Through participation, we not only meet the needs of others, but also grow in our own spiritual gifts.
Top 10 Small-Group Training Tools of 2017
Our most popular resources of the year—picked by you!
Top 5 Small-Group Training for New Leaders
Our recommendations for getting started
Invite Group Members to Share Deeply
3 key skills to create a safe environment for small groups
Displaying 1 – 20 of 23 Matches
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