Small-Group Ministry Events on a Budget

Small-Group Ministry Events on a Budget

Launch groups, train leaders, and show appreciation without breaking the bank.

Whether it's recruiting leaders, launching groups, or developing leaders, there are a lot of events in small-group ministry. The hard truth: big events often cost big bucks. But they don't have to! Whatever the size of your church, you can put on meaningful events throughout the year that don't bust your budget.

Recruit Small-Group Leaders

Without leaders, small groups don't exist! Reach out to potential leaders in fun, inexpensive ways that show them how exciting leading a group can be. Make a general appeal in services and encourage current leaders to invite people they see with potential. Here are several ideas:

Coffee and Cake
During weekend services, create a tent area or establish a room with an inviting environment for potential leaders. Have some decorations, a few tables, coffee, and cake, plus general information about leading groups. Then visit with the people. Find out about them: their families, their hobbies, and more. In this low-key environment, you'll have the opportunity to get to know several potential leaders at once.

Pop into People's Lives
We had a tent area in a visible location as well as a "smellable" location with fresh popcorn popping. The smell of popcorn wakes up people in the morning for some reason! People stopped by to enjoy popcorn and candy after services. We also had treats that potential leaders' kids could enjoy. If you don't have a popcorn machine, you could purchase one to use it for multiple ministry events in your church, or you could ask a local school or organization to borrow theirs.

Train Small-Group Leaders

To prepare people to lead, small-group training events are highly beneficial. They allow you to convey expectations as well as provide encouragement. But they don't have to be ...

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