Small-Group Director Orientation Guide

Small-Group Director Orientation Guide

Resources for the person leading the small-group ministry

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Whether you're called the small-group director, pastor, champion, or coordinator, you're the one leading the small-group ministry. And if that's you, you know what an amazing and challenging adventure it can be. From organizing the structure of the ministry to meeting with coaches to talking about small groups from the pulpit, the small-group director makes sure that small groups have what they need to be successful. It's no small task, and yet many small-group directors find they're given a small-group ministry with little to no instruction.

That's why we've created the Small-Group Director Orientation Guide. This guide will help lay a solid foundation for small-group point people. With a refresher course on the purpose of small groups, directions on how to choose the right structure for your ministry, and realistic ideas for training leaders, this resource will help small-group directors start, restart, or reexamine their small-group ministries. Plus, if you've inherited your ministry, there's a great article on how to take charge without losing leaders who were loyal to the previous director.

For a sample from this resource, see Three Elements of Vibrant Small Groups.

Leader's Guide

Prepare for Your Role

Job Description: Small-Group Director
Here are the basic expectations of a small-group director.
By Community Christian Church

Why Small Groups?
The answer may surprise you.
By Dan Lentz

Three Elements of Vibrant Small Groups
What a small group is and isn't
By Bill Search

The Most Important Question for Success
Discover whether your church's DNA leans toward growth or control.
By Alan Danielson

Perform Your Role

Take Charge without Losing the Ministry
How to earn the right to lead your small-group ministry
By Steve Grusendorf

Creating a Small-Group Structure
Whether you're examining a current structure or starting from scratch, begin here.
By Maegan Stout

Training Small-Group Leaders
Tips from an experienced trainer
By Maegan Stout

An Introduction to Turbo Groups
The basic principles behind a key tool for multiplication
By 2orMore

Seven Benefits of Coaching
How coaches promote healthy leaders and ministries
By Seth Widner

The Important Role of Coaches
What I learned the hard way
By Allen White


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