Adding Small Groups to a Sunday-School Church

Adding Small Groups to a Sunday-School Church

Patience, prayer, and planning are vital when taking such a big step—especially when you meet some resistance.

Small Groups Versus Sunday School

Do these vital programs have to be at war?

How to Stimulate Better Discussions

Here are five keys that every group leader should be aware of.

Sharing Your Faith Without Embarrassment or Coercion

Here is a seven-step plan for you to follow.

Come One, Come All

Small groups are for all broken people, including the physically challenged
Twelve Tips for a Successful Campaign

Twelve Tips for a Successful Campaign

A step-by-step guide from a campaign superhero

Is Our Group Healthy or Unhealthy?

Here are seven hallmarks that will help you decide.

Loving Those You Disagree With

A helpful reminder from the practices of John Wesley and the early Methodists

The Four Stories of Small-Group Life

Exploring the differences between "traditional" and "missional" communities

Dead or Alive?

What impact is your small group having on your local community?

Affective Training Leads to Effective Group Leaders

How the secret of how people learn can affect your small-group ministry

Evaluating Group Discussions

How well do you practice these principles of great small-group discussion?

Small-Group Elephants

How to discuss difficult topics in community

The "Right" Person to Lead a Small Group

People resist a call to leadership because of questions about competency and commitment.
How to Build a Group-Life Calendar

How to Build a Group-Life Calendar

And why it's more important than you may think.

Twittering Jesus

Social media provides a number of useful tools to small groups and small-group leaders.

Finding the Time to Pray

Because group members should never feel rushed or starved when it comes to prayer.

How to Re-Start Your Small Group

Believe it or not, Ctrl + Alt + Delete works in ministry, as well.

Failure to Launch

Common mistakes that promote lethargy and closure in small-group ministries

When Children Behave Badly

Important tips and principles for disciplining children in a small group

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