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The Problem with American Small Groups
A sobering look at small groups in our own backyards
How to Find Your Next Apprentice
It doesn't have to be a difficult experience if you remember Who is in charge.
The Value of Relational Intelligence
A new way for leaders to understand the people around them
The True Battle for Christian Community
Giving the Holy Spirit full sway to release our appetite for the Father
Thinking About Jesus' Small Group
Should there be a conflict between "couch time" and "street time"?
On Spiritual Direction
A seasoned pastor seeks a guide to the interior regions of faith.
Wait For It …
Why patience is a virtue in all areas of small-group leadership
Adding Value to Your Group Members
Here is an important job for any small-group leader.
This Is Why They Call You a "Leader"
And what you're supposed to do because of it
Helping Guests Feel Warm and Welcome
These helpful hints are applicable (and useful) for any small group.
Why Small Groups Need to Be On Mission
Because discipleship is more than we've given it credit for.
Addressing the Threat of Heresy in House Churches and Small Groups
What are we actually afraid of, and what can be done about it?
Leading Solo No More (part 2)
How to develop a core team of leaders from your existing small group
Leading Solo No More (part 1)
How to develop a core team of leaders from your existing small group
On the Clock
Tips for starting and ending your group meetings on time
Understanding the Connecting Continuum
Three stages of relationship formation that are important to every group
The Presence and the Presents
Encountering God's presence and experiencing the presents of the Holy Spirit go together.
A Primer on Food-Borne Illness
Make sure your group members are aware of what is safe, and what is not.
Resource Review: "The Naked Truth About Small Group Ministry"
Randall Neighbour's book is both provocative and practical.
Got Synergy?
A broad look at the benefits and challenges of sermon-based small groups
Displaying 41 – 60 of 77 Matches
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