Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name

Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name

A spiritual retreat can quiet your soul and renew your faith.
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Celebrating this freedom while jumping in with both feet and an open heart allows me to recognize the creative genius of God's handiwork when fashioning my soul, and the unique pathway he travels to meet with me, his beloved. Personal retreats are not about me and what I'm going to do to experience God. Personal retreats are about the Lord and what he wants to do in me through the context of quiet and rest.

Finally, personal retreats are not a luxury for the elite, but a necessity for all who live in modern times. Technological advances rob us of rest, allowing believers to fall victim to frenzied life in the fast lane. Satan knows we hear the voice of God most easily when we are quiet and still—obsolete words in today's dictionary of life. Nurturing the gifts of stillness and rest fan into existence the abundant life Christ offers all believers in every generation.

Whether once a month or once a year, I encourage you, I challenge you, to set a date, find a place, and go. Go away to be alone with the One who knows your name.

—Brenda Jank; copyright 2009 by the author and Christianity Today International. This article originally appeared in Today's Christian magazine.

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