Go Deeper with Spiritual Disciplines

Go Deeper with Spiritual Disciplines

Everything you need to engage spiritual practices individually and in a group

Is it possible to go deeper with your small group? To really experience God's presence together and be changed? For centuries, Christians have engaged in spiritual disciplines to invite God to speak into their lives. From fasting to lectio divina, and from prayer to rest, the spiritual disciplines place us at God's feet—both when we practice them individually and with others. Spiritual disciplines are the secret to staying refreshed for ministry, so leaders especially gain from integrating them into life. But small groups benefit, too, when they practice together, often experiencing intimacy and growth.

This Small Group Essentials Training Tool gives you everything you need to go deeper with spiritual disciplines. Assess your spiritual health, incorporate refreshing practices into your life, and discover how to engage the disciplines in your small group. This resource is perfect for leaders to train themselves, for coaches or leaders to train another leader one-on-one, or for coaches or directors to train a team of leaders. The Get Started Guide shows you exactly how to maximize the comprehensive training included in this resource.

Spiritual Disciplines Assessment Pack
There is no sure-fire way to evaluate and quantify our spiritual health in numerical terms. We can't take a test to see if we are getting an A or D in our relationship with God. But we can at least get a rough idea about our spiritual health by taking an objective looks at our actions and beliefs. This resource will help you get a better understanding of yourself. Or use it in a small group to start a conversation about the depth and breadth of their spiritual journeys.

Spiritual Disciplines for Leaders
Whether full time, part time, or volunteer, people who serve in small-group ministry have a lot on their plates. You're always busy, often tired, and sometimes completely burned out. That's why the practice of spiritual disciplines is so important. This resource highlights the disciplines of fasting, confession, discernment, and journaling—practices that can provide focus and refreshment for small-group leaders, coaches, pastors. It features content from noted experts such as Richard Foster, Adele Calhoun, Lynne Baab, Gordon MacDonald, and John Ortberg.

Go Deeper with God
As we grow, prayer and Bible reading should become deeper, richer experiences. This resource will help you and your group understand and practice contemplative prayer and lectio divina. It's sure to take your group meetings to a new level. Discover what these ancient practices are and how they can benefit your group. You'll learn practical tips for helping group members practice these disciplines.

Spiritual Disciplines for Small Groups
In order to see real spiritual growth, we must be intentional and disciplined. Help your small group take the next step together by incorporating spiritual disciplines into your group meeting. This resource will give you practical tools to get your group started with disciplines like lectio divina, fasting, confession, and attentive listening.

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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