People Are Not Projects

How to keep a Kingdom focus when your people move on

The Proper Care and Feeding of Group Leaders

Be proactive, make them a priority, and stress the importance of confidentiality.

Developing the Heart of a Shepherd

Why it is vitally important that small-group leaders truly care

Successfully Launching a Small Group

Here are four things you can do to make sure you new group takes flight.
Pulling Off a Successful All-Church Campaign

Pulling Off a Successful All-Church Campaign

Here are the main benefits and challenges.

Achieving "Oneness" in a Small Group (pt 1)

Several strategies that can help your groups really connect

On Small Groups and Friendship

Relationships are a key ingredient to small-group life, but we need to understand how they work and what limits are involved.

The Three Levels of Small-Group Problems

Learn how to classify and resolve periods of "temporary chaos" in group life.
Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name

Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name

A spiritual retreat can quiet your soul and renew your faith.

Small-Group Covenants: Part 1

Why it's vitally important that your leadership group has its act together

Small-Group Covenants: Part 2

The covenant components that team-building experts agree have to be in there

Leading by Discrepancy

Painting the picture of what is and what could be

Questioning Discipleship

Why group leaders should be less information-dumpers and more question-askers.

Keep It Simple

Three basic patterns that can help your group avoid over-complication.

Something Bigger!

Getting to the root of our small-group ministry calling

Microwave vs. Crock-pot

Which leadership development philosophy do you choose?

Lead Yourself Well

So that you can be a leader worth following

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