Sermon-Based Groups or Group-Based Sermons?

Learn about a new approach to matching the weekly sermon with your small groups.

The Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders

Why we need to be farmers, not recruiters

A Safe Place to Heal

Participating in community is vital for those who have been spiritually damaged.

Taking the Next Step to Serve

An overview of small-group service projects

Small Groups and the Missional Renaissance (pt. 1)

What is God doing through the missional church, and how do small groups fit in?

What Should Our Group Study?

Helpful advice for a question that is asked a lot this time of year

Small Groups and the Missional Renaissance (pt. 2)

What is God doing through the missional church, and how do small groups fit in?

Small-Group Involvement Sheet

Here’s a practical way to help all of your group members participate.

Are You Feeling "At Home" in Your Small Group?

Examine these four levels of fellowship with God and others to see where you stand.

Making Relational Deposits

"Relational banking" can help you go way beyond "just getting it done"
Community as Crucible

Community as Crucible

Exploring the cost and value of community

The Journey into Authenticity

How fear and spontaneity play into almost any small group

Are You There, God?

An interview with Matt Woodley, author of The Folly of Prayer

How to Give Away Your Small Group

A new strategy for trauma-free multiplication

When You Have an Open Door

Here's how to incorporate new members into an existing small group.

Small (Group) Wonders

A single woman's encounter with a group full of couples

People Are Not Projects

How to keep a Kingdom focus when your people move on

The Proper Care and Feeding of Group Leaders

Be proactive, make them a priority, and stress the importance of confidentiality.

Developing the Heart of a Shepherd

Why it is vitally important that small-group leaders truly care

Successfully Launching a Small Group

Here are four things you can do to make sure you new group takes flight.

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