His Church is Really at Work!

For many people, he workplace is their largest sphere of influence, and their greatest opportunity for evangelism.

Imagine hundreds of small groups initiated by your church popping up all over your city. Not in homes but in an area that God wants for Himself—the workplace!

"I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace". Dr. Billy Graham
"I've never seen the activity of God this deeply in the business community as I do right now." – Henry Blackaby
"Workplace ministry will be one of the core future innovations in church ministry." George Barna, Boiling Point, Regal Publishing

Even in the best of times, most of us wrestle with a sense that while we are experiencing numerical and/or spiritual growth within our church, the community-at-large is racing by us as if we are in the bleachers rather than on the playing field. The fact that the world bears little indication of our efforts gnaws at us. Perhaps that is because we are focusing most of our time on pulling people out of the world to be ministered to, rather than intentionally equipping them to minister in the world.

The workplace is the world's playing field. Most Americans spend 70% or more of their waking hours in the workplace. It is where life, or at least most of it, is invested and spent. It is where character is forged or compromised. It is where Christians most often rub elbows with non-Christians. It is where values like achievement and productivity can push aside relationships and honesty. It's where Jesus invested most of his ministry, among everyday working people in everyday working environments. Listen to this:

Dear Sir,

We have never met and you may not know who I am, but I have been Richard Jones' (not his real name) partner for 22 years. Richard and I have shared many highs and lows. I consider him to be my ...

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