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Memorable Gifts

A twist on the usual question about gift-giving

Gifts That Don't Fit

Sometimes our help isn't all that helpful.

Not-Quite-Right Gifts

When have you received an "off" gift?

Teaching on Tithing

What have you learned about giving?

Experiencing God Through Others

Discuss how you've been blessed.
Explore Radical Generosity with Your Group

Explore Radical Generosity with Your Group

How my group was challenged to examine our possessions
A Life of Simplicity

A Life of Simplicity

Learn what simplicity looks like and why God calls us to simple lives.

Who Has Been Generous to You?

Share stories of generosity.

The Simple Life

Taking a long, hard look at our stuff
Poverty and the Bible

Poverty and the Bible

Effectiveness and faithfulness must characterize our response.

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