My Soul Thirsts For You

A reading based on Psalm 42

Leader: Make enough copies for every person in your group. If everyone feels comfortable reading you may take turns reading around the circle. But if you know someone will feel uncomfortable reading simply highlight different parts of the reading and assign them to those who like to read.

Just as the deer pants for clear, cool streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.

Every day, every hour, every moment my soul thirsts for You.

For You are the living God, gracious and merciful.

I know now that Your love has always been moving, flowing, rushing in my life.

Who is better than You?

Without You there is something missing.

A deep longing in my soul calls out for You.

I once walked a barren land of selfishness trying all sorts of behavior to fulfill my desires.

I dug my own inferior wells searching for that which only You could give.

My own wells were pitiful, cracked and broken. What I had accomplished slipped away … never truly satisfying my thirst.

But You, Jesus, the Lamb lead me to the bottomless springs of living water.

I drink deeply, taking You into my spirit.

From Your springs of living water I have found joy.

From Your springs of living water I have found peace.

From Your springs of living water I have found hope.

And it has cost me nothing to drink from the fountain of living water.

You have given it freely.

How could I not praise You?

How could I not love You?

I have been searching for You all of my life.

In You, Lord, my hunger is fed and my thirst quenched.

Just as the deer yearns for water, so my soul yearns for You.

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