Gifts That Don't Fit

Sometimes our help isn't all that helpful.

Provide construction paper, markers, tape, and a stapler. Ask a few group members to create a paper jacket for a stuffed animal, but don’t show them the stuffed animal. You can describe the stuffed animal—what kind of animal it is, whether it’s “average” size, etc.—but don’t give too many details. After the group members have collaborated to create a paper jacket, bring out the stuffed animal and see if it fits. Discuss why it’s difficult to custom-make an item for something you haven’t seen.

When has someone tried to help you in an unhelpful way?

When have tried to help and then later realized your help wasn't all that helpful? What happened?

How often do we try to help others or give gifts when we don't really know the person well enough to give good gifts or help in the right way?

How can we ensure that our help and gifts actually fit the person we're giving them to?

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