Fighting for Our Children

Subgroup to think of strategies for protecting the minds and hearts of our children.

We are in the fight of our lives for our kids. With computers, music, and visual media our kids are exposed to all kinds of beliefs and lifestyles that are not only destructive but deadly. Have your group break up into small groups of three and have them make a list of three ways to fight for our kids' spiritual, physical, and emotional lives. After five minutes have someone from each group share what they came up with.


His Love Endures Forever
Write a psalm of praise.
Coaching for Christmas
Subgroup to find out what is required to enjoy the hoilday season.
What Does It Mean?
Group members evaluate the meaning of common catchphrases.
Good Group Members
Subgroup to come up with definitions of a good small-group member.
Questions for God
What are three questions you want to ask God when you see him face-to-face?