Coaching for Christmas

Subgroup to find out what is required to enjoy the hoilday season.

Divide your members into smaller groups of 3, then have each group answer the following question. After the groups have discussed and come up with an answer, have them share their responses with the larger group.

"If you were coaching a team of 'never experienced Christmas before' men and women, what three strategies would you tell them were absolute musts in order to enjoy the season? Why?"

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His Love Endures Forever

Write a psalm of praise.

Fighting for Our Children

Subgroup to think of strategies for protecting the minds and hearts of our children.

What Does It Mean?

Group members evaluate the meaning of common catchphrases.

Good Group Members

Subgroup to come up with definitions of a good small-group member.

Questions for God

What are three questions you want to ask God when you see him face-to-face?