How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups

How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups

And the shift in leader training that makes all the difference.
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It’s been more than two years since we started this model. Introducing a model always brings some pushback. We weren’t sure if leaders would commit to the rigorous training, but our last two training groups were at capacity, and our next group is 75 percent full—six weeks before it starts. We have doubled the number of leaders trained and adults involved, and the number of active groups has increased by 44 percent. Perhaps even more exciting, we’re seeing leaders multiply leaders, and we now have second- and third-generation leaders. Even some leaders who were reluctant early on are saying, “I wish I would have started this method years ago.”

The people in our Life Groups continue to grow. Parents who felt uncomfortable praying with their children now take the prayer and study methods they learned in group back home to lead their kids in family devotions. For others, their group has become a safe place to ask questions they don’t feel comfortable asking anywhere else. Life Groups are breathing new life into our church.

—Brad Himes is the Involvement Director at Broadway Christian Church in Mattoon, Illinois.

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