Are You an Unhealthy Leader?

Are You an Unhealthy Leader?

No well-intentioned leader would set out to lead this way, but it happens all the time.
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9. I take time to practice prayerful discernment when making plans and decisions.

10. I measure the success of planning and decision-making primarily in terms of discerning and doing God's will (rather than exclusively by measures such as attendance growth, excellence in programming, or expanded impact in the world).

11. With those who report to me, I consistently devote a portion of my supervision time to help them in their inner life with God.

12. I do not avoid difficult conversations with team members about their performance or behavior.

13. I feel comfortable talk about the use of power in connection with my role and that of others.

14. I have articulated and established healthy boundaries in relationships that have overlapping roles (for example, with friends and family who are also employees or key volunteers, etc.)

15. Instead of avoiding endings and losses, I embrace them and see them as a fundamental part of the way God works.

16. I am able to prayerfully and thoughtfully let go of initiatives, volunteers, or programs when they aren't working well, doing so clearly and with compassion.

Peter Scazzero is the Founder of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NYC, a large, multiracial, international church with 73 countries represented. After serving as Senior Pastor for 26 years, Pete now serves as a Teaching Pastor/Pastor at Large. Taken from The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero. Copyright 2015 by Peter Scazzero. Used by permission of Zondervan.

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