Develop Real Relationships

Develop Real Relationships

Intentionally build the relationships in your group.

When we tell people about small groups, we almost always tout the relationships that they can form through the group. And it's true: great relationships can be formed in and through small groups. But then during small-group meetings, we tend to focus on other aspects—like study and prayer—and hope that the relationships will figure themselves out. Unfortunately, though, without giving some intentional attention to developing and maintaining real relationships, they probably won't happen. And without deepening relationships, there probably won't be much spiritual growth either. This resource will give you the tools to begin developing real relationships in your group right away.

Note: For a free sample from this Training Tool, read Emphasize Relationships in Your Group.

Leader's Guide


On Small Groups and Friendship
Relationships are a key ingredient in group life, but we must understand the limitations.
By Seth Widner

Small-Group Expectations
Help your group members see the value of living in community.

By Michael C. Mack

Practical Tips

Emphasize Relationships in Your Group
How to set the stage for real friendships
By Mark Ingmire

Practical Ideas for Strengthening Group Relationships
Taking advantage of face to face time
By Beatrice Schoenrock

Building Real Relationships
What you can do outside of small-group meetings
By Carter Moss

Stay Connected Through Facebook
How to make the most of private Facebook groups
By Amy Jackson

Incorporate Food into Your Small-Group Meetings
How eating together can contribute to deeper relationships in your group
By John Wentz

Develop Spiritual Friendships in Your Group
How to cultivate deeper relationships with a few
By Carolyn Taketa

Making Room for New Members
How to really help them feel welcome
By Peri Gilbert

Including People Affected by Mental Illness
How to be a real friend to those who are struggling
By Amy Simpson


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